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Laser Treatment Results for Nail Fungus—

Before & After

When nail fungus sets in, your toenails are left looking discolored, brittle, and crumbly. Don’t live with ugly toenails any longer! After treatment by Dr. Robert Parker, your nails will look beautiful and healthy. Beloware examples of toenail fungus that has caused unattractive and unhealthy nails and laser treatment results. Just 6 months after treatment, however, you can see the changes for yourself!

Toenail fixed after laser treatment.

Laser Treatment for toenail fungus

Dr. Parker uses the Fotona Laser to deeply penetrate beneath the nail and remove fungus. This high-tech laser treatment is much more effective than oral and topical medications. To learn more about this procedure, visit our Laser Treatment page.

Laser therapy performed for toenail fungusDr. Parker was the first podiatrist in Houston, TX to use the Fotona Laser for removal of fungus under the nails. He is continually learning and updating this procedure in order to be on the cutting edge of medical technology in his podiatric office. With years of experience and knowledge, Dr. Parker highly recommends laser treatment for this condition rather than traditional medications. To learn more about his credentials, podiatric training, and why Dr. Parker is Houston’s High-Tech Podiatrist, see Dr. Parker’s CV.

When you need treatment that is easy, quick, and effective, call Parker Foot & Ankle at (281) 497-2850 or make an appointment online. You can have healthy, beautiful nails once again!