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Laser Treatment

Fungal toenails (oncyhomycosis) are a persistent and embarrassing problem. Fungi, typically from the dermatophyte family are the cause of this infection.  The infection becomes apparent through the development of nail discoloration, thickening, and crumbling toenails.  This type of infection will not resolve by itself, and an untreated infection will only worsen over time.

Though few people like to discuss the condition, it is very common.  Until recently, the treatment options for this stubborn infection of the toenails have been limited to topical and oral medications.  The rate of success with these treatments varies, and common prescription medications like Lamisil come with potentially risky side effects.  In fact, taking this medication requires scheduled blood draws to monitor the health of the liver.  Over the years, many patients have asked if there is a better way to treat this condition, and now the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Lasers are revolutionizing the treatment of fungal toenails.  The Fotona laser used at Parker Foot & Ankle, has proven to be effective in 85% of cases.  Of course, it takes 8-10 months for the patient to see resolution once the new nail has time to grow.

What are the benefits of laser treatment for fungal nails?

Painful procedures are a thing of the past.  The Fotona laser treatment is virtually painless, and there are no side effects.  Patients see results, because the laser goes through and beneath the toenail, and destroys the fungi where it lives, not only in the nail plate but also in the bed of the nail.  The focused light of the laser disrupts the protein of the microscopic fungi without damaging healthy tissue. Creams and oral drugs cannot reach the infection at its source, which explains their limited effectiveness.

Even when medications work, it can take months and multiple rounds of risky pills that are linked to potential serious side effects.  Liver and kidney damage and even death have been reported.  All you need to successfully treat this type of fungal infection are three initial fifteen minute treatments in our office.  It’s an easy choice, and one that will have you showing off your toenails.  No more hiding your feet, and feeling embarrassed.  You’ll see fungus-free, new growth in just a few months, and a completely new nail in nine to twelve months.

Is laser treatment safe and effective?

We have seen great success in our office as patient after patient walks away with fungus-free toenails.  FDA approved laser treatments are not covered by insurance, but have been deemed safe.  A simple cost/benefit analysis quickly reveals that you’re getting a great value—results without pain and long-term health damage. Laser treatment is proving to be our best option.

After over six years of laser nail therapy treatments, a new paradigm has developed. The statistics for permanent “cure” of the best oral medication is 70% success with 50% recurrence after 1-2 years. This has to be discussed because to expect permanent “cure” after one set of laser treatments is as unrealistic as having your teeth cleaned one time and expecting it to last a lifetime. We have implemented a maintenance program to keep that fungal infection under control.

For difficult cases, Dr. Parker may choose to “pulse” oral antifungals along with the laser for a “combination” therapy treatment. Oral pulsing significantly reduces side effects as you only take the oral prescription for one week per month for three months.

Safe, effective, and FDA approved, laser treatments have added a new dimension to podiatric medicine.  Always on the cutting edge, Dr. Robert Parker has led the way in the use of lasers to treat common foot conditions.  With over thirty-five years of experience, this Houston, TX native understands how technology and the practice of podiatry intersect.  Call our office today at (281) 497-2850, or use our online tool to schedule your free consultation, and learn more about laser treatment.  Dr. Parker and his staff look forward to serving you.